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Discover Richie Hawtin's New Audiovisual Album: Close Combined

Discover Richie Hawtin's New Audiovisual Album: Close Combined

Richie Hawtin is a household name when it comes to techno. The Canadian DJ has carved his own unique path in live DJ sets in clubs & festivals around the world.

He's most recent project Close Combined is an audiovisual mix album which takes the listener on a sonic and visual journey. It was created in partnership with Telekon Electronic Beats. This up close and personal project gathers footage from Hawtin's 2018 live shows in Glasgow, London & Tokyo.

This unique audiovisual album gives the viewer on an intimate look at his live performances and his uses of knobs, faders & buttons. When asked about his concept for this project this is what Hawtin expressed in the album's press release:

“I believe that as our scene has become more popular, the definition of DJing has become more narrow.  I want to be as transparent as possible in how, why and what I play in order to bring focus onto the intuitive spontaneity that is at the heart of a great DJ performance.  ‘CLOSE COMBINED’ continues my exploration into my own creative tendencies and invites my fans along to get closer to the instinctive impulses that drive my creativity.”

If you're ready to experience this unique and intriguing audiovisual project Close Combined you can do so below:

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