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DJ/Producer Julian Gray Advocates On Hearing Protection For Ravers

DJ/Producer Julian Gray Advocates On Hearing Protection For Ravers

DJ & ProducerJulian Gray is a rising talent in the electro/progressive house & techno scene.

Despite his young age Julian has managed to blaze trails by signing tracks and receiving support from notable labels & DJ's in the electronic music scene such mau5trap (Deadmau5), Armada Music (Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis), Zerothree, BBC Radio, EDM.com, Ali & Fila's FSOE and even his own imprint Julian Gray Media.

As if that wasn't enough he also has a great YouTube following where he goes deep into production tutorials, gives feedback on demos & shares life is behind the decks & so much more (Yea if you couldn't tell we're all big fans of Julian here).

It was an honor to have Julian Gray support our cause of raising awareness to ravers & festival goers around the world. So when we sent him a pair of our best-selling earplugs we just couldn't wait for the response.

If you follow Julian on Instagram (@Juilangraymedia) then you might have just caught a glimpse of the story post he shared with his followers.

His message reads:

"Thanks @untzuntzearplugs for the new pair!

I can't stress to you enough how important wearing hearing protection is at shows. If you're not, Please start wearing earplugs. It doesn't take much to make permanent damage to your hearing"

Great words which sum up what we're are all about here an Untz Untz Earplugs. 

You can learn more about Julian by visiting his website, maybe check out his YouTube channel or check out some of his music.

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