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T-Minus: Ease Tinnitus With This Innovative Sound Therapy App

T-Minus: Ease Tinnitus With This Innovative Sound Therapy App

Millions of ravers and festival goers around the world are affected by Tinnitus, luckily now there's app that aims to help ease and reduce the effects of Tinnitus.

Introducing T-Minus an innovative sound therapy app which plays rich soundscapes which help Tinnitus sufferers cope with ringing or auditory hallucinations all through an app on their smartphone. This exciting new therapeutic app was co-created and developed by UK artist and musician Rupert Brown

Rupert has been suffering from Tinnitus for over 30 years. He explains how developing and producing for this project was "exhilirating" and "cathartic" since working on this "
opened up deep wounds and sensitivities surrounding [his] own issues".

“Creating this music has been an incredible journey, It’s been scary, dark and emotional..."

As it is commonly known currently there is no definitive or scientifically backed cure for Tinnitus. While the T-Minus app does not promise to be a cure it does help it's users reduce the perceived effects of Tinnitus it in their day to day life.

So how exactly does the T-Minus app it work?

The app contains dozens of sound libraries dubbed 'Mind Environments'. The sounds of these 'Mind Environments' include music specifically curated and created for Tinnitus sufferers by Rupert. The app also features fully customizable setting for these 'Mind Environments' where you have access to masking controls, broadband sound, fractal tones and more.

If you would like to learn more about T-Minus simply visit their website here or check their app on the Apple App Store here.

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