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Untz Untz Earplugs Spotlight: Charissa Bower's Hearing Horror Story

Untz Untz Earplugs Spotlight: Charissa Bower's Hearing Horror Story

Can you imagine going to the doctor being told you might be completely deaf by the time your 60?

Can you imagine living life with muffled hearing & having to wear hearing aids just to be able to understand people in your day to day life?

This sounds like a music lovers worst nightmare & sadly this is a true story for Charissa Bowers and that is exactly why we want to take the time today to share her story with you.

Hearing damage is no joke. As frequent ravers & festival goers it's important to understand, know the causes AND consequences of hearing damage. As you know by now this is Untz Untz Earplug's #1 priority - To bring awareness to ravers & the world about the unfortunate & serious issue of hearing damage.

Charissa recently took to Instagram to share her painful story after receiving a pair of our All Black High Fidelity Earplugs.

At the young age of 25 she has gone through something every music lover wishes they would NEVER have to experience. She's very brave for sharing her very story but she also understands that by sharing her story she could help others avoid her pain. If this reaches at least one person & it helps them take hearing health a bit more seriously then her story has been a success.

So without further a do here's Charissa's story as published on her Instagram:

"Recently I had a hearing test because my hearing has been muffled and I assumed it was probably fluid build up. Turns out I have hearing loss; bad enough I need hearing aids at the age of 25 😩 My hearing damage has been caused by music, turning my earphones all the way and standing right in front of festival speakers. When im working I usually need to wear them to understand customers. I wish I had respected my ears more. It scares me that by the time im 60 I could be fully deaf. Music is my EVERYTHING. And I know it’s yours too. Luckily I’ve been looking into what the best earplugs to enjoy music to since I go to a lot of gigs. I came across @untzuntzearplugs Thanks to @biggs.nathanbiggart 🙏🏼 I urge you to respect your ears. This small business were so lovely to get advice from and their design is perfect. (Looks so alien and futuristic too👽) Support this local business who are trying to let you enjoy your music and look after the health of your hearing at the same time. Don’t make my mistake and take your hearing for granted 😥 scroll to see my hearing aids on last 2 pix."

Thanks Charissa for sharing your story! We hope this message reaches someone that might need it before it's too late.

So now what are you waiting for? Get your hearing protection today, we're so confident you'll love the sound quality our earplugs we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (You'll forget your even wearing earplugs).

Time to take your hearing seriously. Get your earplugs here.


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