Untz Untz Earplugs


I Noticed there are no sizing options available will Untz Untz earplugs fit me?

We realize a one size earplug might not fit your needs which is why we ship our earplugs with a complimentary pair of smaller sized earplug shells to accommodate for our smaller-eared techno heads.

Note: Each order of earplugs ONLY comes with 1 pair of High Fidelity filters. To ensure you retain High Fidelity quality sound simply switch out the filters from the regular sized earplugs into the smaller sized shell.

If both sizes still feel too big or too small you will be able to return them hassle-free within 30 calendar days of purchase but you will be charged a 25% restocking fee since earplugs will not cannot be sold again.

We are currently working hard to accommodate more sizing options and models for all techno lovers to enjoy and protect their hearing, your patience is appreciated!

What's the difference between untz untz earplugs and regular foam earplugs?

Will your earplugs reduce the buzzing and ringing in my ears if I ALREADY SUFFER FROM TINNITUS OR NOISE INDUCED HEARING LOSS?

I just ordered my earplugs how long will it take for them to ship?

I live in a E.U. (Eurpean Union) nation, why am i being charged for customs & taxes?