Untz Untz Earplugs

Our Story

It was a warm night in LA, I was still buzzing from a killer set and some deep, dark techno.

I was exhausted ready to go home, so I walked outside.

It was now 4:37 AM and as I was looking down at my phone waiting for my Uber by the curb. Suddenly I started to hear a very high pitched "ring" to the left of me.

I quickly turned but I saw nothing making the noise.

The ringing was still there.

As I was standing there in a bit of confusion my ride home arrived.
I hopped in the all black 4 door car.

I sat inside, the driver greeted me. 

I closed the door behind me but I noticed the ringing followed me inside the the car. I tried to pay no attention to it but as the car started turning it's wheels I could still hear it there...

In my EAR...

Can you imagine that?

A constant sharp ringing you cannot get rid of, stuck in your head, in your ear.

I put on my earphones and hit shuffle on a random Spotify playlist.

I got home and called it a day, I was exhausted.

When I woke up the next morning and I realized that the ringing was still there.

But now?

Now I knew exactly what it was.


Or as others refer to it:

Early signs of NIHLS (Music Induced Hearing Loss)

This crushed me, it scared me.

I mean, music is my escape.

Techno is the soundtrack to my life, the background music to so many memories, with friends, strangers, at the festival grounds, the dark clubs, the warehouses and even in my car. 

I was scared that I had damaged what I loved most.

My hearing.

I couldn't imagine living the rest of my life this way, with this ringing stuck in my head, yet there is people out there that do.

Luckily for me...

This was just a scare.

The ringing went away after a couple of days but this was the wake up call for me. I love clubbing, I love going to shows, festivals, but most of all...

I love techno.

And if your reading this right now I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

The driving baselines.

The snappy hi hats.

The dark clubs.

The sweaty, dark, dance floors.

The warehouse parties.

The festivals.

The goosebumps that creep up when the kick finally comes down after an epic breakdown.

And of course, the heavy rumble under your feet when you hear that familiar sound:

"Untz Untz Untz Untz"

There are many hearing protection earplugs out there, but none of them understand our lifestyle, our interests, our community.

They don't understand our obsession with techno or the times we walked out of a show only to catch the sun rise. They don't understand what moves us, what drives us or even why our closet filled with black clothes for everyday of the week.

It was time for someone to step up and give techno lovers what they want and deserve:

Protection for their ears, by techno lovers for techno lovers.

Untz Untz Earplugs mission is to not only help you protect your ears with state of the art high-quality hearing protection but also to build a community of like minded techno heads who share the love, the passion, and the obsession for techno wherever they may be in the world.

While other earplug brands try so hard to disguise hearing protection I say let's bring awareness to the world and to our community.

Let's not conform, let us wear all black earplugs, let us be the black sheep, in the club, the festival, the rave or wherever techno might be blasting on the speakers.

Protect you ears today, don't wait until it's too late.

- Untz Untz Earplugs Team